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For Millennium EMS Solutions

        Successfully completed two major projects for them –

  1. Hydrogeological Assessment for Robb Trend Expansion Permit: Estimated dewatering requirements and impact of dewatering on local and regional water resources for Robb Trend open-pit coal mine for Coal Valley Resources Inc. to support their mine license and environmental construction application.
  1. Buried Sulphur Remediation at Windfall: Simulated sulphate plume movement in MT3D for the closed oil storage site at Windfall for Husky Oil Operations Ltd. Compared different excavation scenarios and suggested optimum requirement of excavation to prevent sulphur contaminants reaching the aquifer.

For Itasca Denver Inc. 

       Successfully completed the following projects

  1. Hydrogeological Assessment for the Pre-feasibility Study of TRJV Gold Mine: Estimated dewatering requirements and impact of dewatering for different expansion scenarios of Turquoise Ridge Joint Venture (TRJV) gold mine in Nevada.  Also simulated a 500 year pit lake recovery scenario.
  1. Hydrogeological Assessment for the Voisey’s Bay Nickel Mine: Estimated dewatering requirements and impact of dewatering from  open pit and underground mines at Voisey’s Bay for Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd.
  1. Comparative Study between MineDW and MODFLOW for the MineDW User’s Manual: Carried out a comparative study between MODFLOW and newly released MineDW simulations that was included in the MineDW tutorial manual.
  1. Database Development for Phoenix Groundwater Modelling Project: Developed hydrogeological database in MS Access and wrote necessary data extraction queries for Phoenix groundwater modeling project.

For Andam International LLC.

  1. Analyze Impact of Deep Aquifer Withdrawal from Block 60 at Abu Butabul: Simulated impacts of different pumping scenarios for proposed deep aquifer extraction wells at block 60 at Abu Butabul in Oman for BG Oman.
  1. Pumping Schedule Optimization for Sohar Refineries Desalination Plant: Suggested location and pumping schedule for the proposed beach wells to supply municipal water to the desalination plant at Sohar Refineries run by Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company (ORPC).
  1. Analyze Impact of Pumping at Sohar Refineries Desalination Plant: Analyzed impact of different pumping scenarios for the expansion of Water Supply at Sohar Desalination Plant