Canadian Experience Summary 

  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Landfills
  • Contaminant Storage Site Remediation
  • Pumping Well Permitting
  • Wellhead Protection Planning
  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Quarries and Mines
  • Contaminant Storage Site Remediation

International Experience Summary

  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Mines and Quarries
  • Integrated Catchment Management Planning
  • Assessment of Seawater Intrusion and Remediation Planning
  • Well Permitting and Pumping Schedule Optimization
  • Analysis of Slope stability under delayed response

List of Projects Completed in Canada

  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Landfills –

– Ottawa Landfill for Waste Management

– Stoney Creek Landfill for The City of Hamilton

  • Contaminant Storage Site Remediation –

– Sulfur Storage Site Remediation at Windfall for Husky Oil Operations Ltd

  • Pumping Well Permitting –

– Stouffville well field analysis for the Region of York

– Duffins Creek Watershed Analysis

  • Wellhead Protection Planning –

– RRCA-SNC Source Water Protection Planning

– Durham region wellhead protection & contaminant sources inventory study

  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Quarries and Mines –

– Dewatering Permit for Greely Quarry for Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd.

– Dewatering Scenarios Evaluation for Garson Mine for The Vale Inco

– Dewatering permit for the Expansion of Robb Trend Coal Mine for Coal Valley Resource Inc.

  • Borehole Log Analysis and 3D Geologic Modelling

– Garson Mine Dewatering Model

  • Hydrogeological Database Development

– Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority Database

  • Rainfall Runoff Modelling and Water Budget Analysis

– For Black, Holland and Rouge River Watershed

List of Completed International Projects 

  • Hydrogeological Assessment for Mines & Quarries –

– Dewatering estimate and effect of dewatering on local and regional water resources for TRJV Gold Mine in Nevada

  • Integrated Catchment Management Planning –

– Wadi Al Ma’wil in Oman for the Ministry of Water Resources

  • Pumping Schedule Optimization –

– Desalination plant at Sohar Refineries for Oman Refineries and Petrochemicals Company (ORPC)

  • Seawater Intrusion Model –

– Wadi Al Ma’wil in Oman for the Ministry of Water Resources

  • Delayed storm response to Slope Stability –

– Wadi Al Ma’wil in Oman for the Ministry of Water Recourses