Predicting Impact On Hydrogeological Systems

Different natural and man induced activities influence our hydrogeologic cycle and adversely affect our available water resources. Most common of these activities are -

  • Pumping Wells (Municipal Water Supply, Irrigation, Industrial Water Supply, Private Wells and more)
  • Irrigation (both Surface Water and Ground Water withdrawals)
  • Mines (both Open-pit and Underground)
  • Tunnels and Subways
  • Landfills (Waste Landfill, Ice Dumping and more)
  • Waste Water Disposal (Industrial, Municipal and more)
  • Underground Storage of Chemicals and other Radio-active Substances
  • Sea Water Intrusion, Sea Level Rise and more

I can efficiently identify the area of influence of these water extraction sources and quantify the threats of different contaminants to our aquifer. I can also reliably predict future conditions of our resources both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Environmental Assessment

I’ve setup numerous groundwater models ranging from simple two dimensional to complex three dimensional fully featured models to accommodate allocated budget, need and available information. These models were successfully applied to quantify available water resources, determine local and regional water balance, and their relationship of how changing one or more components of the balance can impact the quality, quantity and location of other components and the environment. This includes identifying the zone of influences of past, present and future natural and man induced activities affecting our hydrogeological systems.

This information is the key to prepare integrated water resources management plan, and execute important decisions to maintain environmental and hydrogeological balance and sustainable development.

Identifying Problem Sources And Potential Threats To Water Resources

Another key area of my expertise is to identify and quantify problems in local and regional water resources and delineate potential threats. These include delineating wellhead protection areas, defining Time of Travel (ToT) zones, Surface to Aquifer Advection Time (SAAT) zones and Surface to Well Advection Time (SWAT) zones. This is very important in environmental remediation, protection and sustainable development.

Different provincial and federal guidelines have setup different hydrogeological standards to safeguard the environment. I can efficiently contribute to those guidelines and utilize numerical models to ensure that the guidelines are being followed.

Borehole Log Analyses and 3D Geologic Picking

I am an expert user of borehole data management system of Viewlog. This includes, creating Viewlog project and linking borehole log database to it to efficiently analyse borehole logs in 3D geo-explorer, pick geology on sections and create three dimensional geologic models.

Database Development, Querying, Analyses And Consistency Checking

Efficient data organization, management and querying is very important in proper utilization of available data. I can create hydrogeological database, organize data input, storage and write extraction queries that will efficiently manage your available data.

Project Management, Proposal Preparation and Report Writing

Efficient in project management within allocated time and budget, expert in guiding junior staffs, experienced in preparing proposals and technical reports

Field Supervision and Data Collection

Experienced in field supervision, data collection and willing to travel